The Ethiopian Prime Minister: The second filling of the “Renaissance Dam” is scheduled for next July


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The Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, said that the second filling of the Renaissance Dam is on schedule for the rainy season next July.

“We do not wish to harm the water interests of Egypt and Sudan,” he added in a speech to Parliament today, Tuesday.

Despite Addis Ababa’s rejection of Sudan’s proposal to form an international quartet, Abiy Ahmed said, “Ethiopia renews its demand for mediation by the African Union in the negotiations.”

A few days ago, Ambassador Ahmed Hafez, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said, in response to the statements of the Ethiopian Foreign and Irrigation Ministers during the conference held in Addis Ababa yesterday, March 17, 2021, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the inauguration of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, that these statements – which confirmed Ethiopias intention to complete Filling the Renaissance Dam even if no agreement has been reached on the rules for filling and operating the dam – reveals once again Ethiopias intention and desire to impose a fait accompli on the two downstream countries, which is rejected by Egypt because of the threat it poses to the interests of the Egyptian and Sudanese peoples and the impact of such unilateral measures on security and stability in the country. Region.

The spokesperson added that it is regrettable that Ethiopian officials use the language of sovereignty in their conversations about the exploitation of the resources of a river that crosses the borders. International rivers are a joint property of the riparian states, and it is not permissible to extend sovereignty over them or seek to monopolize them. Rather, they must employ these natural resources to serve the peoples of the countries that share them. On the basis of the rules of international law, the most important of which are the principles of cooperation, fairness and non-harm.

The Spokesman also indicated that these Ethiopian statements were issued at a time when the sister Democratic Republic of the Congo, which assumed the presidency of the African Union, is making appreciable efforts to relaunch the path of negotiations and reach an agreement before the next flood season, which reflects the absence of political will on the Ethiopian side to negotiate. In order to reach a settlement to the Renaissance Dam crisis, adding that Egypt and Sudan stressed the importance of the international community’s active participation in negotiations led and led by the Democratic Republic of the Congo through an international quartet that includes the United States, the European Union and the United Nations, to ensure the effectiveness of the negotiation process and to push the three countries and help them reach an agreement on the dam The renaissance in the coming months.

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