The “exceptional” test … Corona tests are now from your home


Dor Dash said that it has signed a cooperation agreement with the two medical companies, “Everywell” and “Falt Health”, to deliver two sets of detection test kits. Covid-19-For users of their application in their homes In the United States of AmericaNote that US Food and Drug Administration Have approved the emergency use of both tests.

Falt Health’s Saliva test is based on analyzing saliva samples with video and audio support for specialists directing users to choose the appropriate saliva samples and quantity, in order to obtain accurate results.

The test, which comes in the form of a tube to be spit in, is available for all ages at a price of $ 119, and is suitable for examining people who suffer from symptoms of Covid-19 infection, and comes in an envelope that is delivered to the user, to obtain the result within 24 hours, according to ABC American.

The “Everywellwell” test, “Test Home Collection”, is a nasal swab, which costs $ 109, and delivers the result over a period of time ranging from 24 to 48 hours.

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