The fact of Mosimane training for South Africa


A source in the South African Football Association said that what has been reported about entering into negotiations with Pitso Musimane, the coach of Al-Ahly’s team to lead the national team, is not true.

And the boys’ team failed to qualify for the 2021 African Nations Finals, which will be held in Cameroon, after finishing third in Group C, which Ghana and Sudan decided to qualify for.

And press reports published news that coach Pitso Mosimane, coach of Al-Ahly team, may be the best solution to correct the course in the South African team.

A high-ranking source in the South African Confederation said through Laila Koras statements: “Molevi Ntskei is still the coach of the national team until these moments, there will be meetings about him, and Musimane has a job elsewhere at the moment.”

Al-Ahly club had signed a contract with coach Pitso Musimane early last October, after the departure of coach Rene Fyler, and Musimani is linked with Al-Ahly for a two-season contract.


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