The fact that there are European offers for Al-Ahly striker


Today, Monday, press reports revealed the fact that there are official European performances by Ahmed Yasser Rayan, the striker of the first football team of Al-Ahly club, who is loaned to Ceramica Cleopatra.

Ahmed Yasser Rayan joined the Ceramica Clio Batra team on loan until the end of the current season.

Reports confirmed that a source in the Al-Ahly club denied the existence of official or friendly European professional offers by Ahmed Yasser Rayan.

The source indicated that Ahmed Yasser Rayan is seeking to participate mainly in order to maintain his presence in the Egyptian Olympic team list during the Olympic Games.

He stressed that there are no professional offers for the Al-Ahly striker, especially that there is no transfer period, indicating that this is only the conversations of some players’ agents, and Al-Ahmar did not reach any offer to negotiate with the player.


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