The father of “Lady Al-Satour”: Set’s jealousy is behind the accident and the husband is defeated (shocking details)


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The father of Lady Al-Sattour, who was victimized by her co-wife in Qena Governorate, revealed that it took 7 hours to extract the cleaver from the head of his victimized daughter, stressing that the cleaver was large and 20 cm long.

The father of the victim added, in a phone call to the “Hazrat Citizen” program on the “Al-Hadath Today” channel, that the two women’s husband is fine, as he is a good man, who is under control and has no guilt in the accident, stressing that his daughter was struck with a machete because of Stat’s jealousy.

Doctor Ahmed Salah, who performed the operation to extract the cleaver from the victim, confirmed that the operation was very difficult and delicate, especially as the victim is pregnant.

He added that the cleaver strike was strong from the accused and that she could not get him out of the victim’s head, and it remained in the victim’s head for more than 6 hours, stressing that the injured woman after the operation was fine and started to recover, but she has not yet fully recovered her consciousness, confirming that the operation in which he participated 14 Our results are better than what we expect so far.

The security services of the Qena Security Directorate had received a report from farms in the village of Al-Umrah, affiliated to the Abucht Center, that his daughter was hit with a machete on her head, accusing her of having committed the incident.

The investigation officers moved to the place of the report, and the accused and a neighbor were arrested and brought to the Public Prosecution office, which ordered her imprisonment for 4 days pending investigations, and listened to the statements of relatives and neighbors of the victim, and it was found that a verbal quarrel broke out between the victim and her harm developed into one of them assaulting the other with a machete and hitting her head It settled next to her brain.

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