The father of the girl “Al Jalalah Accident” reveals new details about the incident in the prosecution’s investigations


The Public Prosecution has not decided the causes of the Majesty Girl’s accident, until now, since several videos, lasting less than two minutes, documented the horrific Al Jalalah Road girl incident among the pioneers of social media platforms, and the video showed the girl Iman Nayel driving her car at a crazy speed on the road to Majesty, She is returning from El Gouna to her family’s home in 6th of October City.

48 hours, and the Public Prosecution is still searching for the real causes of the accident of the Majesty Girl, after the pioneers of the communication sites suggested that the accident was the main motive in which the girl committed suicide, and others wondered, What was the transport driver’s fault in this accident that almost killed his life?

During these many rumors, the girl’s father went out in the investigations of the Public Prosecution Office during the procedures for receiving her body, and ruled out that his daughter committed suicide with this behavior, justifying her going that way because she was lost.

The Public Prosecution moved to the scene of the accident and conducted a field inspection, and it was found that the car and the girl were completely charred, and the transport driver’s car was damaged, and he was seriously injured, as a result of which he was transferred to a hospital to treat him, and lies in the intensive care room due to his poor health.

Prosecutor’s investigations revealed that the girl’s last call to her mother shortly before the accident occurred, that her daughter, called “Iman Nayel,” contacted her and asked her to prepare the Suhur for the night of the middle of Shaban, in preparation for fasting this day, and that she is “the distance of the path” and she will be at her home. In the 6th of October City, Giza Governorate.

The Majesty Girl incident opened the door to a great controversy that was raised on social media, creating a division about the accident and its causes, between the video that explained the incident on the one hand, and the conversation of the girl’s family in the investigations on the other hand, and if each opinion had its own circumstances and circumstances.

The first novel, adopted by a large number of social media users of the incident of the girl on the path of Majesty, that the girl wanted to commit suicide, was the supporter of this novel, what was documented through the video clip that spread widely on social networking sites, after a citizen filmed her while she was walking In the opposite direction of the road, at a very high speed, over 170 km per hour.

And the second novel, which denied suicide, when the video showed the girl avoiding a number of angel cars, and the appearance of the transport car in her face, and despite that she did not take any action to calm her speed, which led to a severe collision between them, her car exploded as a result, and her body was charred, and other new details appeared. About the girl, and the circumstances before the accident, her family revealed during the investigations.

The prosecution’s investigations revealed that the girl of Majesty, in her mid-thirties, studied in “London” and obtained a master’s degree from there. She is the only daughter of the family of the well-known Dr. Mohamed Nayel, and according to her family, the girl was on vacation in El Gouna, and after completing her vacation I decided to return to Cairo again, specifically in Sixth of October City, Giza Governorate.

She called her mother, telling her to prepare her Sahur for the night of the middle of Sha`ban, in preparation for fasting this day, and then another phone call in which the girl told her family that she was lost, and she was trying to reach the right path, which might justify her presence in the opposite direction of the road.

The scene of the Girl of Majesty accident and the surveillance cameras, a lot of technical evidence that is supposed to lead the investigation authorities, to uncover the truth and explain the motives of the accident, and to go with such crazy speed, opposite the direction.

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