The fiercest criticism of the Ramez Jalal program: a strong insult to millions of people – thought and art – stars and celebrities


Professor of Psychiatry, Dr. Ahmed Okasha, severely criticized Ramez Jalal’s program, “Ramez is a psychopath,” which is expected in the coming month of Ramadan, describing it as an insult to millions of people.

Dr. Ahmed Okasha, who holds the position of advisor to the President of the Republic for Mental Health, expressed his dissatisfaction with what has been circulated recently regarding the name of the program. Removing the stigma on the mental patient, and that he suffers from a defect and disease in the brain, and that mental illness is due to magic and metaphysical things, and not any kind of superstition, we find one of the programs called (Ramiz is a psychopath), so this is not a title except to incite ridicule and bullying the psychiatric patient . According to Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper.

Okasha explained: “Those in charge of this program must fight to remove the stigma on the mental patient, and not in this way. We see foreign films, and the psychological patient cannot appear as a material for ridicule or a substance for laughter, as this is an uncreative and uncivilized act, an action against All the things that are happening in the world now ».

He added: “It is enough to know that out of every 4 people in the world, one suffers from a mental illness, and that the number of mental illnesses in the world is in the billions and has increased with the spread of Corona disease.”

He wondered, “Is it at a time when we are supposed to stand by the psychiatric patient, bully him and insult him by calling the program this title and justifying his abnormal behavior as a psychiatric patient?”

And he continued: “This program is not scientific, the psychological patient is like the same as the normal patient, because most of the things that he suffers from are internal and not expressed, but by examining the specialists can determine whether he is mentally ill or not, and what happens if the news is believed that the program with this name is A severe insult to millions of people who will despise and look at the limited civilization produced by this program.

It is noteworthy that the artist Ramez Jalal continues to film his new landfill program, and it has been reported during the past weeks that he bears the temporary name “Ramez, a psychopath.”



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