The first comment from Omar Kamal after his appearance with Mabrouk Attia: People let me know


05:25 PM

Wednesday 24 March 2021

I wrote – Yasmine El-Sharkawy:

Singer Omar Kamal expressed his dissatisfaction with the negative reactions he received after publishing his picture with the preacher, Mabrouk Attia.

Omar commented on the criticism through his account on the “Facebook” site, saying: “I envisioned a picture and was honored to have it with Sheikh Mabrouk Attia in a meeting that will be broadcast with him in Ramadan, God willing. An infidel or apostate, all of them, how can this be imagined with this !! Even though I am not a monster of this degree. “

And he continued: “Exactly what they let me stop thinking about praying in the mosque, the first thing I fear is that I feel that I am an outcast and people are seeing a strange lash.” Like any person who breaks up in prayer and returns, but for hours, he would like to enter the mosque, and indeed this has ceased to exist among the people. “

Many social media users criticized the appearance of Omar Kamal with Mabrouk Attia, wondering the reason for this appearance.

Omar Kamal via Facebook

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