The first comment from Sarah Al-Tunisi about the “civil war” crisis, after her claim


11:45 AM

Wednesday 31 March 2021

Books – Mustafa Hamzah:

The Tunisian actress Sarah Al-Tunisi denounced the “El-Adl Group” filing a lawsuit against her, asking her to compensate 10 million pounds for accusing her of disrupting work in the “Civil War” series, and Al-Tunisi said in a tweet on Facebook: The company suddenly excluded her from work after filming half of her scenes, which incurred huge losses. And that it will await the end of the investigations into the Representative Professions Syndicate and the Public Prosecution.

Sarah wrote on her Facebook page: “Al-Adl Group prevents me from contracting five works between Tunisia, Egypt and the Emirates, in order to devote myself to the series Civil War, and then excludes me from work suddenly after filming half of the series without informing me of that, which caused my exit from the Ramadan season and caused Me in great financial losses. “

She added, “Then when I reject this injustice, I will be assaulted, threatened, intimidated, and defamed, and then the company is not enough. It is asking me for compensation of 10 million pounds. Who demands whom?

Sarah continued, “In general, I am awaiting the results of the representative professions Syndicate’s investigations into the complaint that I submitted against the” El-Adl Group “on 03/24/2021 through the office of Counselor Ahmed Odeh, as well as awaiting the public prosecution’s investigations regarding the issued case verification report. Against them on 07/03/2021, and I have confidence in the justice of God and the justice of the Egyptian judiciary.

Counselor Haitham Abbas, the agent of Al-Adl Group, had filed a compensation lawsuit that carried No. 285 for the year 13 an economic appeal before the Economic Court, due to its breach of contract and its failure to implement the terms of its contract to work in the series (civil war) for not obtaining a permit to work in accordance with the Egyptian Labor Law and the Syndicate of Representative Professions.

The series “Civil War” starring Yusra, Basil Khayat, Arwa Judeh, Jamila Awad, Khaled Anwar, and Santia Khalifa, written by Ahmed Adel, and directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz.


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