The first pictures of the killing of Mahmoud Al-Warfali, a commander in Haftar’s forces


Today, Wednesday, unidentified persons in the Libyan city of Benghazi assassinated Mahmoud Al-Warfali, a commander in the forces of retired Major General Khalifa Haftar, wanted by the International Criminal Court.

“We confirm the news of the assassination of Lieutenant Colonel Mahmoud Al-Warfali (42 years), one of the symbols of the Special Forces,” said Miloud Al-Zwi, spokesman for the Special Forces of Haftar’s forces, on his Facebook page.

And local media reported that Al-Werfalli’s car came under a hail of bullets near the Arab Medical University in Benghazi, and his brother Ayman was transferred to the intensive care unit in a hospital.

Local channels and activists on the communication sites broadcast a short video clip showing a gathering of citizens and soldiers around a body in a car, being transported by ambulances, which they said was to Al-Wafli.

On August 15, 2017, the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Al-Werfalli, accusing him of war crimes in six summary executions, during which more than 33 people were killed in different areas of Benghazi.

In September 2020, the European Union imposed sanctions on Al-Werfalli for being accused of committing human rights violations in Libya.

Libyan activists circulated on social media a video clip, at the beginning of this March, showing Al-Werfalli, with a military force, breaking into the headquarters of the Toyota Motor Corporation Agency in Benghazi.

The force destroyed the contents of the place and smashed the windows of the offices after storming the building, and Al-Werfalli sent a message during the video to the owner of the company not to return to Libya, warning him not to be killed if he returned.

Source : Aljazeera live + communication Web-sites + Agencies

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