The first prize in the world for a film about the Algerian tennis player “Ines Ibbou” – Al Shorouk Online


A short film narrating the sports career of Algerian tennis player Ines Ibbou, won the first prize in the world in the 2020 competition of the International Association of Sports Journalism.
This came, on Monday, at a “virtual” ceremony organized by the International Association of Sports Press, which is based in Lausanne, Switzerland.
The award was received by Algerian Hassan Kadyoura, the designer of the short film, via videotape. He is also a player agent (Manajir), and is a relative of the national team field average, Adlan Kadyoura.
After receiving the award, Hassan Kadyoura said: “I thank the team that helped me make this short film. I also thank Ines Ibou. She is a symbol of dignity and courage, based on her being a woman, Arab and African, and also a talented athlete. We will give her the money for this prize. ”
The short film narrates the difficulties encountered by the tennis player Ines Ibo (22 years), especially in terms of providing financial resources, to participate in international sports tournaments, which are considered a compulsory path to improve the world ranking in the game of tennis.
Personalities from various fields expressed their sympathy with Ines Ibo last year, when she complained about the lack of financial means. And she responded to world tennis star (ranked third internationally) and Austrian Dominic Thiam. After the latter declared to the media that he would not pay a single “centima” into the solidarity fund with “ascending” tennis players.
After that, the President of the Republic, Abdel Majid, intervened and asked the Minister of Youth and Sports, Syed Ali Khaldi, to take care of the tennis player Inas Ibo, and to neutralize the financial obstacle.
On Tuesday, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Syed Ali Khaldi, congratulated Hassan Qaddioura and Inas Ibo for this award. He praised this kind of mathematical “struggle”.


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