The first response from Muhammad Ramadan to Mohi Ismail


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Artist Mohamed Ramadan published a video by artist Mohy Ismail from the Luxor Film Festival, which he talked about in a meeting attended by Mahmoud Hamida on the sidelines of its activities.

Commenting on the video, Mohamed Ramadan said: “A testimony that I am proud of from the great artist, Mr. Mohi Ismail.”

While the artist, Mohy Ismail, said in his speech in the margins of the Luxor film events: “Muhammad Ramadan is talented … and he is an unprecedented public star.”

The artist Mohy Ismail added during a seminar marking his honor at the Luxor Festival of African Cinema: “Muhammad Ramadan is an unprecedented talent in the history of Egyptian cinema. A young man who achieved success, and it is natural that he flaunts his cars that he owns.

He continued: “There is no talented star in Egypt who is not described as arrogant, especially when he is in contact with a well-known figure at the beginning of his life and criticized by the press, which is what Fikri Abaza did when he spoke about Saad Zaghloul, and I did this with Salah Jaheen and I am 22 years old with the aim of becoming famous At that time all the critics of Egypt are monthly. ”

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