The Football Association bears the costs of the Al-Ahly player Hamdi Fathy operation


The Football Association bears the costs of the operation for Hamdi Fathi, the Al-Ahly player, after the player suffered a fracture of the “radial” bone during the national team match against Kenya in the 2022 African Nations Qualifiers in Cameroon.

The regulations stipulate that the Football Association shall bear the costs of treating any player in the event of his injury from his country, and that he shall take care of all expenses related to the player’s operation.

Dr. Mohamed Shawky, head of the medical staff at Al-Ahly club, revealed that Hamdi Fathy, the midfielder of the red team, will return to the stadiums and be ready to participate in matches, not training, only after 8 weeks..

It was Al-Ahly medical device He confirmed that Hamdi Fathy does not need surgical intervention in his statement after the x-rays that showed the player had a broken arm, before the medical device retracted and agreed to perform surgery on the player’s arm and install medical chips and nails.

The head of the Al-Ahly medical system said that the medical device agreed to subjugate it Hamdi Fathi’s arm Surgery after returning to specialists in this matter who saw that it is better for the player’s condition to undergo surgery, after some variables occurred during the past 48 hours, which is what happened after the player underwent surgery.

He stressed that the medical device in Al-Ahly was preferred Hamdi Fathy’s surgery A shortening of time and to reduce the duration of Hamdi Fathi’s absence from the stadiums, and for fear that the fracture will not heal naturally in the absence of surgical intervention.

Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football at Al-Ahly club, said that the hex of Al-Ahly, who participated in the national team camp for the match between Comoros in the African Nations Cup qualifiers, will organize the team’s group training today, Wednesday..


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