The Foreign Funding Case … A New Judicial Decision Concerning 20 Human Rights Organizations (Details)


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The Counselor Ali Mukhtar of the President at the Cairo Court of Appeal and the investigating judge in the case known in the media as the foreign funding case for a number of civil society organizations, entities and associations announced the results of the investigations regarding the disposition of a number of organizations, associations and entities under investigation in Case 173 of 2011 limiting the examination of the investigative judge’s office.

The investigating judge explained that on the occasion of completing the investigations in the report of the fact-finding committee in the case, the legal position of some of these organizations subject to investigations had already been determined and an order not to be issued was issued before 6 of them for lack of crime and 14 others accepted due to insufficient evidence on December 5, 2020.

The investigating judge indicated that, in return to starting and depending on what the investigations resulted in from the legal facts of different persons with no connection between them – there is no unity of cause, subject, or persons – and that we were guided by lawful actions regarding them after we completed the investigations regarding them and became prepared for expressing opinion, by separation. There is no delay until the completion of the investigations regarding the remaining incidents attributed to others.

Counselor Ali Mukhtar confirmed that investigations had been completed regarding 20 organizations, entities and societies, and due to the different legal positions and the different legal nature and evidence, we decided to issue an order not to institute a criminal case before 5 of them for not having committed the crime:

Illusion: –
1- Association For the Advancement of Education
2- Catholic Relief Society
3- Ansar al-Sunna Muhammadiyah group
4- Transparency International
5- Caritas Egypt Association

We also issued an order not to prosecute the criminal case before 15 of them due to insufficient evidence, and they are:

1- Union of Human Development
2- The New Future Family Center for Legal Studies and Human Rights
3- Institute for Peace and Justice
4- Rooya Center for Development and Media Studies
5- Foundation for the full promotion of women and development
6- Bakra Foundation for Media Production, Media Studies and Human Rights
7- New perspectives for social development
8- Women’s Lawyers Union
9- People’s Rights Center
10- Al-Haq Center for Democracy and Human Rights
11- Transparency Center for Development Training and Development Studies
12- Union for the Development of Society, Women, Children and the Environment
13- Politics Union for an Open Society
14- The Technology Center for Human Rights
15- Union of Rural Development

The investigating judge stressed that the decision is the product of the effects it entails, most notably the removal of the names of those included in the decision from the lists of those banned from travel, the expectation of arrival, and lists of prohibitions from disposing of their money, whether liquid or transferred, in relation to the facts contained in the decision of the decision without prejudice to other facts that may exist. Be subject to investigation, whether in the present case or other cases.

The investigating judge confirmed that civil society plays a pivotal role in sustainable development as it is its role that we believe in and its importance and that all state institutions believe in, and I am not informed of this from evidence of what he has done well with the issuance of Prime Minister Decree No. 104 of 2021 issuing the executive regulations for the Law regulating the practice of work. Al-Ahly issued by Law 149 of 2019 and published in the Official Gazette on 11/1/2021, which stipulated in its second chapter the procedures for the reconciliation of associations, civil institutions, unions, organizations, foreign non-governmental entities and Egyptian entities within a year from the date of issuance of the executive regulations.

Whereas the role of the Egyptian judiciary was originally to establish the rule of law and monitor its implementation in order to enforce its provisions, which includes – no doubt – the call for its implementation to all those who address its provisions with legal or natural persons, so we call upon Egyptian and foreign organizations, associations, institutions, federations and entities to quickly adjust their situations in accordance with the law In order to achieve the desired goal, after the law has opened a way for it.

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