The funeral of Fawzia Abu Zaid after the end of the funeral prayer, in the complete absence of the artists


It ended a while ago, the funeral prayer for the able artist Fawzia Abu Zaid, which was held in the mosque of Nafisa, in the complete absence of artists.

The artist, Mounir Makram, announced the death of the artist, Fawzia Abu Zaid, this morning, indicating that it was a natural death.

Fawzia will be buried
In family cemeteries, attendance will be limited Just family and some friends in case you create a stack to prevent infection with the Coronavirus.

The last work of the late artist Fawzia Abu Zaid was the series “Love and Shakawa”, which was shown in 2010, by artist Manal Salama and artist Ahmed El-Tohamy.

The series “Days of Love and Mischief” was the last artistic work of Fawzia Abu Zaid, which was shown in 2010, and the series included many artists, including Manal Salama, Ahmed Al-Tohamy, Maha Ahmed, Ola Rami, Muhammad Suleiman, Rania Youssef, Jamal Ismail, Mimi Jamal, The series was written by Muhammad al-Toukhi, and directed by Safwat al-Qushayri.

Her artistic balance exceeds 50 works, ranging from dramatic, cinematic and theatrical works, including “A Thousand Congratulations, The Magician, Raafat Al Hajjan, The Journey of Abu Al Wafa, One Thousand and One Nights, Jamal Al Din Al Afghani, Dreams of a Slow Dying Man.”


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