The highest score recorded by Egypt..the director of meteorological forecasts reveals the weather in the month of Ramadan


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Dr. Mahmoud Shaheen, Director of the Weather Forecast Center at the Meteorological Authority, revealed a rise in temperatures in the coming month of Ramadan, explaining that the spring season has the highest temperature recorded in Egypt, while the humidity levels in summer are higher and reach 90%.

“Shaheen” added, during an intervention in the “Cairo Hadith” program, with Khairy Ramadan, and Karima Awad, the journalist, on the “Cairo and People” channel, that Ramadan is punctuated by days of high temperatures, and that Ramadan has cold days, the second half of the month. Ramadan is hotter than the first half of Ramadan.

He explained that the wave of the dust storm began since the day before yesterday, but there is activity of the winds loaded with dust, especially in new cities and open places and the visibility is low, advising allergy patients not to go out of the house unless absolutely necessary, as there is a continuation of the sand wave and the dust storm tomorrow, Wednesday.

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