The imprisonment of Israa Emad’s husband … and a decision to arrest and bring his brother and mother


The Public Prosecution ordered the detention of a husband who had assaulted his wife in Alexandria, and the arrest of his brother and mother.

The Public Prosecution received a report from “Israa Emad” on the 26th of this March of her husband’s assault on her with beating and insulting and causing injuries in separate areas of her body with a penknife due to marital disputes between them. The incident was circulated on social media and pictures were published showing the victim and what she was subjected to. He suffered from injuries, amid many calls for an investigation into the incident.

The “Public Prosecution” had received a medical report of the victim being severely injured in separate places of her body, so she went to the hospital to ask her, and she testified that her husband assaulted her with a penknife due to their marital quarrels, then he carried her to a car and called his brother to summon him, so he came accompanied by another, and I heard They had a conversation and her husband’s brother blamed him for his transgression and bypassed what they had agreed upon, then they discussed how to get rid of her and escape from what he did, so her husband at the time promised her to continue the assault on her to terrorize her so that she would not report him, then he called his mother and she heard their conversations and her son’s incitement to throw the victim into the sea Then the last one asked him to help her, so he bargained with her in return for not reporting him, and transferred her to the hospital for her approval, and the victim confirmed in her testimony that her husband had assaulted her at the instigation of his brother and his mother.

Police inquiries about the incident stated that the reporter’s husband had assaulted her with a penknife due to the differences between them. The Public Prosecution ordered him to seize and bring him, and to interrogate him, he denied what was attributed to him regarding his attempt to kill his wife, and he admitted that he assaulted her with a knife because of the differences between them, without intending to kill her.

The Public Prosecution ordered the suspect’s detention for four days in custody pending investigations, and the arrest and bringing of his brother and his mother for interrogation, and the seizure of the car in which the victim was taken to the hospital to be inspected, and the General Administration for the Investigation of Forensic Evidence was tasked with lifting whatever effects it might have on it, as it summoned witnesses to the incident. To hear their statements, the police were tasked with searching for surveillance machines at the location of the incident and examining them to show the extent of the crime being portrayed, and conducting investigations about the accused’s intent in attacking his wife and the role of his brother and mother in the incident. The forensic doctor was also assigned to sign a medical examination on the victim to show the injuries and extent of Has left a permanent disability, and investigations are underway.


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