The “jet stream” storm covered the country’s sky


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Yesterday, Cairo and the governorates of the Republic were exposed to a storm laden with dust and sand, what is known as the “jet stream” which was accompanied by a significant rise in temperatures, amid expectations of light rain in some areas.

The Meteorological Authority announced that the “jet stream” across the north of the country, Lower Egypt and Greater Cairo at 1 am yesterday, and it is a stream of air moving rapidly through the upper levels of the atmosphere, and its height usually ranges between 9 and 12 kilometers, and the winds usually blow through it quickly. It ranges between 95 and 160 kilometers per hour.

The “jet stream” acts as a rough guide to where the storms or depressions will travel. It is more like a highway for storm systems, and therefore the areas below it witness many areas of low air pressure, and as a result, stormy weather can be expected with rain in those areas in general. Areas south of the current experience warm temperatures, as warm air is drawn towards areas of low air pressure coming from the south, and vice versa in the north of the jet stream, cooler temperatures can be expected, as the cold air is drawn towards the depression coming from the north.

Several governorates witnessed a wave of bad weather, yesterday, after a storm laden with sand and dust hit many areas, accompanied by a rise in temperature, which caused the fall of the minarets of 3 mosques in the lake, and the suspension of navigation in the port of Burullus in Kafr El Sheikh, in addition to blocking visibility Many ways.

Alexandria and parts of the northern coast were exposed to a wave of hot weather and winds accompanied by dust and sand, as the temperature was recorded at 24 degrees Celsius, and the governorate called on citizens to be careful while driving on highways and secondary roads, to avoid accidents.

Health experts in the governorate warned allergy and asthma patients against exposure to such weather, and advised not to leave the house at all, and to stick to closing the windows until the dust wave ends..

In Al-Buhaira, the intensity of the storm increased in a number of centers, especially “Kom Hamada” on the borders with Menoufia Governorate, and caused the fall of 3 minarets of mosques and a house in the village of “Dest Al-Ashraf”, without any casualties or loss of life among the citizens. The governor declared, Major General Hisham Amna, the state of emergency, and it was decided to hold the central operations room and the centers’ operations rooms in conjunction with the warnings of the Meteorological Authority.

The Qalyubia Governorate Operations Room stated that it had not received any reports of accidents due to the strong winds laden with dust, and Brigadier General Amjad Mahfouz, Director of the General Administration of Traffic of the Governorate, called on citizens to be careful on the roads and prevent speeds while driving.

The fishing movement was stopped in the port of Burullus in Kafr El-Sheikh, due to bad weather conditions and the waves rising above their normal levels. His directives to the heads of neighborhoods and cities, to raise the state of emergency and the maximum degree of preparedness, and to follow up the operating room 24 hours a day, in order to follow up the unstable weather during this period, and directed to intensify the necessary preparations to confront any effects resulting from bad weather conditions.

The city of Luxor witnessed an increase in the speed of winds with a noticeable rise in temperatures, and the Traffic Department in the governorate called on drivers to be careful and avoid excessive speeds on the highways, desert and agricultural roads inside and outside the governorate, and Mohsen Al-Shamy, Director of the General Administration of Crises and Disasters in the governorate, confirmed that the level of preparedness has been raised. The maximum level to face any emergency or changes in the weather situation, noting that there is full coordination between the governorate operations room, and the authorities concerned with different centers, cities and directorates, as well as the Red Crescent..

In the Red Sea, the city of Hurghada witnessed a rise in temperature and a state of stability in weather conditions represented by the bright sun, silence and calm in the movement of winds and waves and the disappearance of clouds completely and regularly in marine activities and navigation movement, as this atmosphere encouraged tourists to go to the sea in front of the beaches of the villages Tourism, snorkeling trips, marine activities and visiting offshore islands.

Dust and yellow sand dominated the skies of the cities and villages of Minya, and the unstable weather wave continued in all the governorate centers. The governor assigned Major General Osama El-Qady to the crisis rooms in the local rural centers and units to follow the climatic fluctuations, and the expectations of the presence of dust storms, and to monitor any events and consequences of those fluctuations. Mahmoud Shaheen, Director of the Weather Forecast Department at the General Authority of Meteorology, revealed that the country is witnessing opportunities for light rain in some areas of Greater Cairo at intermittent periods, light rains in areas of the northern coasts and the sea front at intermittent periods, and dust stuck in the north of the country up to the north of Upper Egypt. And the activity of exciting sand and dust winds in some areas of the northeastern coasts and South Sinai. Today, Cairo and the governorates are witnessing wind activity in areas of the northwestern coasts, Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the canal cities, Sinai and southern Upper Egypt, and the activity of exciting winds of sand and dust on areas of the northeastern coasts and northern Upper Egypt. As of tomorrow, the country is witnessing a remarkable decrease in temperatures in most parts of the country, with values ​​ranging between (6) and 8 degrees Celsius, in order for gentle weather to prevail in the north, hot to the south, during a cold day at night, accompanied by wind activity on areas of the northern coasts, Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the cities of the Canal and Sinai, And the activity of exciting winds of sand and dust in parts of the south of the country.

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