The last episode in the series Hala Al-Turk and her mother, Mona Al-Saber


A video clip of no more than minutes duration, shared by Mona Al-Saber, the mother of the young artist, Hala Al-Turk, through her official account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site, during which she cries after the appeal ruling was issued against her, with her imprisonment for a year with the enforcement of the case that her daughter brought against her, Because there are financial differences between them.

The artist’s mother said, “I wished for my daughter to stop a right pause, and he said thank you for the gift that you gave me on Mother’s Day.

And Mona Al-Saber continued: “God willing, good and I did not talk for a while because I am waiting for the verdict.”

Many sympathized with the grieving mother, Mona Al-Saber, after her daughter’s stance, and among them was May Al-Eidan, the media, who announced her sponsorship and donated her advertisements for a month to pay the required amount from the mother, to avoid her imprisonment.

May Al-Aidan announces her sponsorship for the amount owed by Hala Al-Turk’s mother

“I decided for a month only that my ads would be at a nominal price, and I will donate them to pay the amount decided by Mother Mona Al-Saber, as well as help the Bidun orphan girl who needs an amount for her treatment in Thailand,” Al-Idan wrote through her account on the Instagram photo and video exchange.

“We save the first from prison and the second from death, to be positive and benefit from social media,” Mai added.

The media attached a comment to the post that she shared, saying, “Very please, the one who is not serious does not enter DirectX at all .. and we said the advertisement at a symbolic price, not without a blush .. Whoever wants to do not enter.”

Court decision regarding mother Mona Al-Saber
A Bahraini court had decided to imprison Mona Al-Saber, the free Bahraini producer, Muhammad Al-Turk, for a year with effect, in the case between her and her daughter, the artist Hala Al-Turk, regarding a sum of money worth 200 thousand Bahraini dinars.


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