The last one in a divorce … a woman celebrates the separation from her husband in front of his house: singing, Zina and Zharid (video)


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A woman celebrates a divorce

A video clip of no more than a few seconds long, was enough to elicit the laughter of the pioneers of the microblogging site “Twitter”, which is attributed to a woman wearing a black abaya and headdress, and stood in front of a house said to be the home of her free man as she celebrated the separation by releasing decorations and chanting, expressing her joy.

I attached a comment to the video clip filmed in front of the husband’s house in Saudi Arabia, “And Hai at the door of their house and I fired, Lord of joy, Lord,” and it is a song that indicates her joy in divorce.

Reactions are divided between acceptance and rejection

Millions of views achieved by the video clip, in addition to thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, between positive and negative, and among them was, “I hate what is permissible with God, but God alone knows the extent of her suffering that I let this joy rejoice and celebrate, God blesses her with good wherever she is, Oh my God, complete her joy in the best way of the movement that has continued with her. Praise be to God, she was liberated, whatever the divorce is, what is good for her to celebrate, and this indicates a deficiency in her. Celebrations have increased in cases of divorce and separation between spouses. I am so sorry to see this clip. ”

During the last period, various ways have spread among husbands to express their joy in separation and divorce, the most prominent of which was a Tunisian couple’s celebration of divorce, by taking a selfie, in front of the court, confirming that they are not a failure, but the marriage is a failure and disappointed, as the wife attached, commenting on the photo Al-Muqtaad, saying, “Finally, we divorced … we are not the bad ones, but marriage is the bad.”

The reactions were divided between supporters and attackers of the idea, until the matter reached the point of bullying and defamation, which is what the wife commented on during her conversation with “women”, saying, “It is not common, we are the first to take a selfie after the divorce in Tunisia and around the world. Al-Arabi, it was a very spontaneous step. I am naturally reconciled with myself, my life and my decisions. ”

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