The late return of Hamza Mathlouthi to Cairo threatens his existence with the formation of Zamalek


Tunisian Hamza Mathlouthi, right-back in the Zamalek team, returns to Cairo today, Thursday, to participate in the next group training for his team, after his return from his country, after spending his short vacation there, and the flight conditions caused the player’s return to Egypt, where he was supposed to be in training Since last Monday.

The late return of Hamza Mathlouthi threatened his presence in the starting line-up for Zamalek in the upcoming MCA match, under the leadership of the current French coach Patrice Carteron, who still needs more time to learn about Mathlouthi’s technical capabilities inside the green rectangle after watching him in videos of Zamalek matches. The last, but the French coach will not rely on him with the basic lineup until his capabilities are known more and watched in the upcoming friendly matches.

Carteron had intended to include Mathlouthi in the Ceramica match tomorrow, but the delay in his arrival to Cairo makes him physically not ready to be in the friendly Ceramica, and therefore it will be difficult to rely on him in the match of MCA on April 3 in the fifth round of the group stage in the African Champions League.

And preparing Zamalek for the MC match Algeria Next April 3Within the competitions of the fifth round of the group stage of the African Champions League, in the Algerian capital, where the white people need to win against Mouloudia in Algeria and then Tongith Senegal in Cairo, with the Algerian champion losing the fifth and sixth round matches against Zamalek and Tarji To qualify for white For the next round as the second group, accompanied by Esperance, who officially secured qualification by beating the Whites in the third and fourth rounds of the tournament.


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