The latest appearance of Moez Masoud and Hala Shiha, accompanied by their six children


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The preacher Moez Masoud published a new photo of his wife, the artist Hala Shiha And their sons, in their second appearance together with the children after their marriage.

Moez Masoud expresses his love for his family

Moez Masoud shared the photo that Hala Shiha and their children collected, through his personal account on the short video and photo site “Instagram”, and a writer commented: “With the dear ones of the heart, our Lord blesses us and you in all our children.”

The latest appearance of Moez Masoud and Hala Shiha, accompanied by their six children

Zotj Hala Shiha and Moez Masoud

Hala Shiha married Masoud, in a ceremony that was limited to the two families and close associates, after her separation from her Canadian husband, who converted to Islam and married for more than 13 years, and this marriage resulted in 4 children, “Hana, Khadija, Ahmed and Aisha.”
Hala Shiha announced her marriage to the preacher and journalist Moez Masoud, on the ninth of February, in a major hotel. Pictures are spread out Marriage ceremony Through social media for several days after the ceremony.
At her wedding, Shiha’s solution appeared with a simple and soft look, as she wore a long white dress and adopted a simple hairstyle. In another look, she put the veil over her head. While Moez Masoud preferred to wear a classic, traditional suit.

Hala Shihas return for art

It is noteworthy that Hala Shiha returned to art again after retiring for years. Last Ramadan, she presented the series “Zelzal”, which was co-starred by artist Mohamed Ramadan and Majid Al-Masry, written by Abdel-Rahim Kamal and directed by Ibrahim Fakhr.

Hala Shiha’s last work before retirement was her participation in “Kamel Al-Asaf”, the only film in which Hala appeared in a hijab in front of the late star Amer Muneeb. And then she was completely cut off from the world of art, and lived in Canada with her family and daughters, before she surprised everyone by her return to Egypt, abandoning the veil and acting again, and her divorce from the father of her daughters.

The betrayal of the last era of Hala Shihas work

It is noteworthy that Hala Shiha’s latest work is her participation in the series “Betrayal of Ahed” with the artist Yusra Which was shown in the last Ramadan 2020 drama season.

The series “Betrayal of Ahed” revolves around a wealthy woman who owns a clothes factory, and she is the eldest of her family. Reading the cup, in which she was distinguished from a young age, plays dangerous and critical junctures in her personal and family life. There is also a plot hatched by her closest relatives.


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