The launch of “Soyuz-2” with 36 British communications satellites on board


Ross Cosmos announced the successful launch of the “Soyuz-2” transport missile from Vostochny Airport, carrying 36 British OneWeb satellites for communications, as the “Soyuz-2” transport missile was launched at 5:47 am Moscow time on Thursday morning, March 25. 2021 from the Vostochny space airport, and at 5.57 hours the satellite acceleration unit separated from the third stage of the missile.

According to RT, after the acceleration unit later reached an orbit at a height of 450 km, the separation process of the OneWeb satellites began in nine stages, each with four satellites, and this process will end at 9:39 Moscow time.

A source in the missile and space industry had told the Russian news agency, “Novosti”, that three launches of OneWeb satellites from Vostochny Space Airport are scheduled for 2021 carrying a “Soyuz” transport missile in each of them 36 satellites, and the second group is scheduled to be launched in Next April 26.

It should be noted that the agreement between Arianespace and OneWeb included 21 launches of “Soyuz” missiles from Baikonur, Vostochny and Koro airports, but in September 2020 it was decided to reduce their number to 19, and four of them have been implemented so far, and the total number of OneWeb satellites it carried “Soyuz” rockets into space with 110 satellites.

According to Dmitriy Rogozin, Director General of Ros Cosmos, this was the fifth launch in 2021, and this year the number is set to reach 29.


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