The launch of the movie “Gold Guard” by Ahmed Malik in Saudi Arabia


MAD Solutions, in cooperation with Pioneers Media Company, is launching the Australian film, the gold keeper for the star Ahmed Malik and director Roderick MacKay, in Saudi Arabia, starting from the first Thursday of April, to resume his tour in Arabic, and it will be shown accompanied by Arabic and English subtitles, and the film is expected to be launched in other countries. Arabic soon.

The Gold Guardian witnessed its first world premiere at the Venice International Film Festival, where it won global acclaim. Variety described it as a “fun and engaging experience.” The Guardian said: “A Western movie in the strength of old leather and the quality of gold,” and its young hero, Ahmed Malik, also won The admiration and praise of critics, as the Screen Daily magazine wrote about him: “Malik is a catcher in the role of Hanif (the lead).”

As for the first Arab screening of the film, it was at the El Gouna Film Festival, and was praised by the large audience of stars and critics, including Tariq El-Shennawy, who said: “The owner is a talented actor and deserves to be a global one.” Also, search lists on Google and interaction on other social networking sites were issued at the time.

And the events of the film begin at the end of the 19th century in Western Australia, when an Afghan beauty sponsor seeks to get rid of a harsh existential crisis and return to his homeland, and circumstances force him to enter into a partnership with a lumberjack who escaped in possession of gold bars, weighing 400 ounces and sealed with the Queen’s crown. The feuding duo must mislead a fanatical police sergeant and his soldiers in the race to reach a secret furnace for melting gold, where the only place that allows the removal of the Queen’s crown seal, and co-stars Ahmed Malik and Australian stars David Winham and Jay Ryan, written and directed by Roderick Mackay.

The film has received production support from a number of agencies, namely Screen Australia, in association with ScreenWest, Lotterywest and the Western Australian Regional Film Fund. MAD Solutions is in charge of distributing and promoting the film in the Arab world. Rowad Media is one of the first Saudi institutions to work in the field of cinema. It was founded in 2005, and since that time it has organized several commercial shows and film festivals in different cities and regions in Saudi Arabia, foremost among which is the Jeddah Film Festival, which was established in 2006, which is considered the first film festival in Saudi Arabia, and the brand also owns Cinema 70, which is considered one of the first brands. Saudi Film Festival. Rowad Media is working on establishing a number of partnerships and concluding contracts with regional and international bodies, with the aim of attracting a number of the most important films to be marketed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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