The lawyer of the owner of the burning ring tower: We applied to build a new property


08:58 PM

Monday 22nd March 2021

Books – Muhammad Al-Sawy:

Counselor Muhammad Matar Defense, owner of the burning ring tower, said that upon the request of his client, he submitted a request to the competent authorities to obtain a license to build an apartment building in place of the burning tower in accordance with the specifications of the new building law, after the completion of the rubble removal work.

“Matar” added to Masrawy, today, Monday, that in case of approval, construction will be made on an area of ​​75% of the area, and the remaining area will be within the framework of the ring road, indicating that it is expected that in the event of a building permit, the building will be composed of 6 floors.

He continued, that a number of residents of the burning tower will be housed in the new property if it is approved for construction, while the rest of the residents will be compensated according to the agreement that will be between them, as there are a number of residents who will be financially compensated, and another part will be settled in the new property if approved. He confirmed that negotiations are still ongoing with the residents.

Yesterday, Sunday, the Public Prosecution appealed the decision of the opposition judge at the North Giza Court, which included the release of the owner of the burning Kerdasa property on bail of 5 million pounds, accusing him of endangering the lives of citizens, managing a commercial facility without a license, and constructing a building without obtaining the necessary licenses.

On Friday before last, the competent authorities ended the bombing of the ring tower, using dynamite, and the tower fell into place without leaning on the ring road or neighboring buildings, so that the removal process was crowned with success.

Ahmed Rashid, the governor of Giza, said that the governorate has nothing to do with compensation to the owners and that the property owner is responsible for that.

Rashid added that the property that was demolished is violating and a decision was previously issued against him to remove, but its owner submitted a reconciliation request and was rejected.

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