The look of Abla Kamel catches the eye in Tik Tok (video) news


A girl named Hind Al-Abed drew attention to her with a group of videos that she published on her TikTok account, after her followers likened her to the artist Abla Kamel.

And it seems that Hind is greatly influenced by the artist Abla Kamel, and puts her image as a personal picture for her, as well as imitating her in famous shots from her cinematic and television works.

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In the videos, Hind appears in clothes that resemble the clothes that Abla wears in her work, as well as imitating her movements and the features of her face, and met with great interaction from the audience, which emphasized the great similarity between them.

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It is noteworthy that Abla Kamel has been absent from her fans for a long time, and her latest work was the series “Salsal Al Dam”, Part V, which was shown in 2018.

There were rumors about her illness and her retirement.the details).

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