The look of Abla Kamel confuses the audience: Does she really have the same features?


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The pioneers of social media circulated a video in which a girl resembling the artist Abla Kamel was widely circulated, as the girl posted a video through her TikTok account trying to imitate one of the scenes of the artist Abla Kamel, but it was widely spread, but some considered that Abla Kamel is difficult to imitate.

Similar to Abla Kamel

The look of Abla Kamel, the young woman, Hind Al-Abd, appeared in more than the video She wears the hijab, especially since she has the same round face and skin color, but she tried to imitate facial expressions and movements, and this prompted the audience to confirm that Abla Kamel is a difficult number, so no girl can imitate her even if she has the same features and hair color.

As for the audience’s comments, some praised the girl’s performance of Abla Kamel Others, however, considered Abla full of Starlets The ones that are difficult to imitate because they have such a strong presence, personality on screen, and comic style that makes it difficult for anyone to make this mixture.

Abla full disease

Many rumors had recently spread about the actress’ Abla Kamel’s cancer, and this caused a lot of concern for her health, so her daughter went out with an increased state of anxiety and reassured everyone, as Zainab wrote brief words confirming that her mother is fine and that talking about her cancer is just a rumor, and she wished health To all her family and everyone.

Writer Bilal Fadl, who is close to the artist Abla Kamel, also quoted the artist’s words about her through his personal account on the social networking site Facebook, in which he stated: The great artist, Professor Abla Kamel, asked me to deliver this message, perhaps she would reach anyone who would spread rumors about her life and health.

Abla Kamel said: A shame, and God Almighty is a shame. If people do not fear our Lord and fear Him at a time like this, will you fear Him and fear Him when? And what will a person benefit from that he worries the lives of people with lying words, claiming that he publishes it because he is a lover or a fan, I chose a happy and satisfied lifestyle with him, and I do not have any accounts on social media and I will not stay with me on any day, nor do I follow social media or I want to post anything of any kind to her that she is not interested in, and I hope that someone who sees an account attributed to me contributes to locking it to those who are able to it, and the account that they dealt with is one claiming that she is my daughter has no relationship with my daughters Fatima and Zainab. I am not proud of my art and my work is all a lie and a lie, and thank God I am in the best of health and wellness, and I thank all the good people for their love and appreciation for which I am grateful to and I praise our Lord for her, and our Lord accepts your beautiful invitations to me and gives you your beloved ones.

Bilal Fadl concluded his post by saying: I hope those who see this message will see afterwards a statement attributed to Professor Abla Kamel who works as a report for the account that publishes the speech and contributes to locking it, and thank you very much.


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