The Minister of the Ghalaba and the Prime Minister of the January Revolution have passed away … Get to know the most prominent stations of Kamal Al-Ganzouri


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Dr. Kamal Al-Ganzouri passed away today, and in the following lines we monitor the most prominent milestones in the life of the late:

Al-Ganzouri was born on January 12, 1933 in Menoufia, and assumed the presidency of the ministry from January 4, 1996 to October 5, 1999, and the military council assigned him to form the government on November 25, 2011.

During his reign, he started several mega projects with the aim of running the wheel of production and agriculture and expanding away from the crowded Nile Valley, including the Toshka Flood Project, which is located in the far south of Egypt, east of Al-Owainat, and the delivery of water to Sinai through the Peace Canal, the West Gulf of Suez project in addition to the second line. To the subway between Shubra El-Kheima (in Qalyubia) and Al-Muneeb (in Giza), passing through Cairo governorate to reduce traffic congestion in Greater Cairo governorates.

It also approved a set of bold laws and steps, including the new lease law, and it also contributed to improving Egypt’s relationship with the International Monetary Fund as well as the World Bank. He also witnessed in the era of the Bank of Credit and Trade stumbling, so the government intervened to solve the crisis, and the bank was included in Banque Misr.

Al-Ganzouri retired from political work after leaving the premiership, and stated in a television interview on the ten evening program in February 2011 (after the January 25 revolution) that the Mubarak regime pressured him and besieged him in the media after he left the prime minister, so that he did not receive a single phone call from any minister. In his government.

He was nominated by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces since the January 25 Revolution headed by Field Marshal Tantawi to prime minister, and assigned to form the government, announcing that he would have all the powers, on 11/25/2011, as a result of the 2011-11-18 million “Friday of last chance”, after which Essam Sharaf’s government resigned .

At the time, the demonstrators objected to Al-Ganzouri’s appointment as being affiliated with the regime of Muhammad Hosni Mubarak. On February 1, 2012, the Port Said Stadium massacre took place, in which more than 73 people were killed and dozens of injured, after armed men with white weapons attacked the fans of the Al-Ahly club, so Al-Ganzouri took a decision to dismiss the Port Said Governor and dismiss both the Port Said Security Director and the Port Said Investigation Director.

In his reign, what is known as the issue of foreign financing was also raised, and he was the author of the idea of ​​the twentieth plan, which began in 1983 and ended in 2003, and was called the Minister of the Poor and the Opposition Minister for what appeared at the time of his presidency of ministers and his work, which specialized in caring for the low-income.

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