The most dangerous and the current vaccines are useless … The discovery of a new strain of “Corona” in Tanzania


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A new study recently conducted by researchers from Britain revealed that a more mutated strain of the emerging corona virus was found in travelers from Tanzania.

The researchers reported that the new strain is the most dangerous among the discovered so far, and this strain of the mutated Corona virus is immune to antibodies, and is easily transmitted from one vector to another.

The researchers explained that the current vaccines may be useless against the new strain of Corona, which raises concerns about the spread of this strain outside Tanzania, according to the Saudi newspaper Okaz quoted by the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”.

The researchers noted that the experts are concerned about the fact that the Tanzanian authorities have refused to acknowledge the existence of a pandemic, and have not taken any restrictive measures, making it impossible to control the epidemic situation and prevent its spread.

A previous study confirmed that the way mutated strains of the Coronavirus are transmitted does not tend to be more severe in any age group, but this strain applies to this.

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