The most important statements of Hazem Imam about his wife, his wedding and Zamalek fans


Hazem Imam, a former Zamalek club player and a member of Parliament, revealed what he liked most about his wife, recalling his wedding memories and the most prominent attendees at the ceremony from the artists and fans. dmc: The late artist Amer Muneeb, the artist Amr Diab and the artist Mohamed Hamaki revived Farahi, and the poet Ayman Bahjat Qamar wrote a song for me and my wife, Muhammad Hamaki sang it in Farah, and I and Ayman are friends since childhood and my fools have met him a lot.

و .ضاف Little fox: “The Qasr El Nil Bridge was very crowded on my joyful day, because of the presence of a large number of Zamalek club fans who raised the flags and banners of the Zamalek Club to greet me in my joy.”

Hazem Imam: My wife’s brain is close to mine .. she loves hanging out, not dazed

Hazem Imam continued: “My wife’s brain is close to my brain, she loves going out too much, and she is not zanni because I do not like the six dungeons and are very good, and I love people who comfort me, and I met her of this type from the first day between us.”

Hazem Imam Wasel: “I don’t sleep without seeing all the matches that I missed in the day, while I’m in bed to be familiar with everything, especially since I’m already talking about the ball, and I have a program on the radio, which irritates my wife’s very ability, who loves to sleep at length.” There is a crisis every day, and the best period in which I was comfortable, and that is when I went to Corona, everyone was in his own ward, and she slept in her comfort and I slept on my own way.

As revealed The Qadiyah of DavidHazem Imam’s wife, on the scenes of her acquaintance with the former star of Zamalek and her attitude towards the audience’s interaction with her husband and filming with him while she was, Qadria Daoud said: “I got to know Hazem Imam through a shelter in Maadi. And he was still a sincere exercise, and his shape was strange, and after that, we met a lot. “

Hazem Imam’s wife added, “We are not a football house, but we are all of you, but we are not sincere followers except during the days of holidays or the match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek only, and the first thing I spoke to my father about him was that I said, Aref Hazem, the imam of the ball, said: Oh, I told him this is what I want to meet you.

Hazem Imam’s wife explained, “When we agreed that he would speak to Baba, I spoke to my father because he would take an opponent to Hazem, so he said, ‘Let him come soon, so I said to him,’ It will not work, because he has a camp that he will not leave, and when we agreed, he would meet Baba in his office. The building until the light came and went, so my father spoke to me and said to me, Da Gaili is wearing a sabo.

And Hazem Imam’s wife continued, “My life is not upset by the audience when it comes to imagining with him, and at many times I am the one with their pictures, and one time, but the one who got upset and upset, because of one who greeted Hazem and tightened his hand and kissed him.”


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