The Mufti approves the execution of a worker who killed his wife and brother and indecent assaulted his daughter


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Dr. Shawky Allam, the Mufti of the Republic, ratified a death sentence for a worker who killed his wife and brother and for indecent assault on his daughter’s honor, and the Benha Criminal Court ruled to execute the accused after consulting the Mufti.

The judgment was issued under the leadership of Counselor Mr. Hashem Al-Sadiq and the advisors Adel Ali Maher Hilal and Naji Nasr Hilal in the presence of Muhammad Abu Al-Fotouh Habes, the Prosecutor, and the Secretariat of Muhammad Farhat, referring the papers of a worker to the Mufti to seek the legal opinion in his death sentence, on charges of killing his wife and brother and defaming his daughter

According to the order referring the accused to felonies, “A.A.A. A “killing the victim” m. A »his brother deliberately with premeditation and determination and intention to do so, using a white weapon“ knife ”and the felony was linked to another, which is killing. P. The “wife of the accused is in addition to the indecent assault” M. A »18 years old daughter of the accused.

The facts of the case came back when the Qalyubia Security Directorate received a notification from the warden of Toukh Center that “AA” had killed his wife and brother..

Lieutenant Colonel Mahmoud Ismail, head of the Center’s investigations, moved, and it turned out that the accused was a worker who had insulted his daughter’s honor and who told her mother “the wife of the accused” and complained to his brother who blamed the accused for his act and quarreled with him and expelled him from the family home..

The investigations revealed that on the day of the incident, the accused came to the family home and shouted at his brother, then went down to him and stabbed him with a knife and then stabbed his wife, and facing the accused, he confessed that he had committed the incident and the concerned authorities began the investigation..

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