The Olympic torch relay … a silent departure from the “disaster zone”


About 10 thousand runners take part in carrying the torch in provinces Japan The 47th, and starting from the region that witnessed an earthquake and tsunami in 2011, which killed about 20 thousand people, in line with the government’s slogan “The reconstruction Olympics.”

The first part of the trip will not witness the presence of any masses to avoid gatherings, while masses in other regions must wear masks and maintain social distancing, as Japan is fighting an epidemic.Covid 19The vaccination campaign is speeding up.

The torch will be launched from J Village in Fukushima, a sports resort that has been turned into a workers’ headquarters to contain the disrupted nuclear plant that has caused tens of thousands to flee.

Female players of the Japanese national football team light the torch after transporting the torch from Greece.

Several prominent figures had withdrawn from the torch relay procession, which was completed with a launch Tokyo Olympics On July 23, due to concerns of Corona Virus.

The opening ceremony, which was supposed to witness thousands of fans to celebrate Japan’s recovery, is restricted to residents of Fukushima.

Japan has dealt well with the Coronavirus pandemic, with deaths reaching less than 9,000 people, but the third wave of infection has caused an increase in the number of infections and the imposition of a state of emergency in Tokyo and several other regions, before raising it this week.

Opinion polls have shown that many Japanese are opposed to the Olympics as the vaccination process has slowed in the country.

The process of containing the Fukushima nuclear plant takes nearly a century and costs billions of dollars.


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