“The plotting of the women” stopped “Five Bab” and “Sadat” saved “Al-Batiniya” … with


7:59 PM

Wednesday 24 March 2021

Books – Mustafa Hamzah:

What is the secret of the strength of the woman’s personality in Nadia Al-Jundi’s films? A question that imposed itself on the work of the artist, who was on the throne of revenue for many years, and gave herself the title of “the star of the masses”.
Nadia, who is celebrating her 75th birthday today, revealed during an interview with the journalist Hala Sarhan the secret of the strength of the female characters in her films, and said: “Women in my films are strong as a result of pressures and crises they face in their society, and they seek resistance in order to regain their rights.” The woman said: “Femininity and intelligence.”

The star of the audiences who will be honored in the tenth session of the Luxor Festival of African Cinema, next Friday, in an interview with the media, Mona Al-Husseini, talked about stopping the screening of her film “Five Bab”, and said: “The film received all regulatory approvals for showing inside and outside Egypt, but it was stopped Unfortunately, a plot plotted by a colleague. ”

In an interview with her about the movie “Al-Batiniya”, Nadia Al-Jundi said: “This neighborhood was forbidden to approach it despite its reputation for selling drugs. Anwar Sadat, after watching it, praised the work, and refused to prevent it from being shown. ”


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