The price of gold today in Egypt is Sunday 3/21-2021


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settle down Gold price today in Egypt For the second day in a row in light of the weekly holiday of the global stock exchanges, on Saturday and Sunday of every week, which controls the price of gold with strong supply and demand only and the price of the dollar against the Egyptian pound, and stability in gold prices comes today and yesterday, after last week witnessed a rise in gold prices for transactions Spot and forward during the working days of global stock exchanges during the past week.

Not moved Gold prices today In Egypt during the day and yesterday, except within the range of one pound up and down, and it was Gold price today in Egypt As follows:

gold price Caliber 24 in Egypt this evening reached 878 pounds. (The prices moved during the two days, in the range of 877 pounds and 878 pounds).

The price of gold today is 21 carat In Egypt it was 768 pounds. (Prices moved within the two days, in the range of 767 pounds and 768 pounds).

The price of a gram of gold today 18 caliber today in Egypt reached 658 pounds. (The prices moved during the two days in the range of 657 pounds and 657 pounds).

price The gold pound In Egypt today it is 6144 pounds.

Sealed gold prices Globally, during last week’s trading, since Monday until the close of Friday’s business day, there was a rise in gold prices in relation to price difference transactions, as well as futures contracts.

وارتفع gold price For immediate transactions on global stock exchanges, from the opening price on Monday, 3/15/2021, amounting to $ 1731.48 to $ 1745.4 at the close of trading Friday 3/19/2021, with an increase of $ 14.02 during last week’s transactions.

وارتفع gold price For futures contracts on global stock exchanges, from an opening price on Monday 3/15/2021 of $ 1729.20 to $ 1743.90 at the close of trading Friday 3/19/2021, an increase of $ 14.70 during last week’s trading.

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