The Prime Minister: The construction requirements control urban growth and protect the lives and properties of citizens


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Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, completed his series of meetings with the qualitative committees in the House of Representatives, where he held a meeting today attended by Major General Mahmoud Shaarawy, Minister of Local Development, Dr. Assem Al-Jazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, and Engineer Ashraf Rashad, the leader of the parliamentary majority. The Secretary-General of the “Future of the Nation” party, Dr. Ahmed Al-Sigini, Chairman of the Local Administration Committee in the House of Representatives, and Eng. Imad Hammouda, Chairman of the Housing, Public Utilities and Reconstruction Committee in the House of Representatives.

The Prime Minister began the meeting by noting that, given that there is a great link in the work of the committees of local administration, housing, public utilities and reconstruction, it was agreed to merge this meeting, in order to discuss and review the most important files that affect the work of the two committees.

The Prime Minister referred to the efforts that are currently underway in an effort to expedite work on presenting the new building and planning controls and requirements to the Council of Ministers in its final form, with the aim of announcing them and starting their implementation, especially since there have been several discussions about them with members of Parliament, indicating that the government aims to implement them. These controls and requirements control urban growth, and protect the lives and properties of citizens, pointing to what we have witnessed during the past few days of the collapse of the Suez Bridge property, and what preceded it, confirms the necessity of the existence of tight construction requirements to confront these violations, stressing the need to work to establish a culture among citizens that depends on Respecting building controls and requirements, especially as this is in the interest of the citizens, not against them.

For his part, Dr. Ahmed Al-Sejini thanked the Prime Minister for his keenness to implement what he pledged, regarding communicating with the heads of the committees in a series of successive meetings, pointing out that three meetings were held to discuss the structural requirements in the presence of the concerned ministers, to whom we thank them very much for their attendance and their discussions in All the details of this issue, indicating that these discussions that took place between ministers and deputies were heated, and touched upon all the details and dimensions of this file.

The head of the local administration committee confirmed that the committee is completely in agreement with the principles and controls included in the new construction requirements, referring to the tours that he made himself in a number of different neighborhoods and regions, and what he saw on the ground, which he sees with him the necessity to implement these controls, based on One goal unites us, which is to achieve the interests of the citizens.

During his speech, Al-Sigini presented some important observations regarding these conditions, pointing out that he would also deliver a memorandum on Law No. 144 containing a number of proposals and ideas, and at the same time he put forward a number of proposals regarding the lands of the Green Belt region, aimed at facilitating procedures for legalizing their status. In addition to submitting other proposals on the file of reconciliation in building violations, and the decision on the submitted applications was delayed.

Eng. Imad Hammouda thanked the invitation for this meeting, as it is the third time to call for a meeting in a month, indicating that this indicates the extent of close cooperation between the government and the House of Representatives.

Eng. Imad Hammouda indicated that the planning and building requirements of the Egyptian cities were presented to the representatives of Parliament, and that the meeting, which was held in the presence of the concerned ministers, witnessed many serious discussions, as well as answering all the inquiries raised by the representatives.

The Chairman of the House of Representatives Housing Committee put forward a number of proposals regarding these requirements, and also put forward a number of other proposals related to draft laws that are currently being discussed, including those related to the amendments to the Building Law, as well as the law regulating the drinking water and sanitation sector.

Eng. Imad Hammouda appreciated the initiative directed by President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, which aims to reduce the interest of real estate financing for social and medium housing units, indicating that he suggests that it should also go to the agricultural sector in the new targeted places.

For his part, Major General Mahmoud Shaarawi, Minister of Local Development, commented on what the deputies had proposed regarding the implementation of the new building requirements, as well as with regard to Law No. 144, and he also addressed the ministry’s efforts within the framework of the plan to develop informal markets.

During the meeting, Dr. Assem Al-Jazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, indicated that the discussions that took place in the House of Representatives about building requirements were very constructive, explaining that what the MPs proposed during the various discussions of building requirements were taken into account, stressing that the decision to suspend was for residential activities only. As for service activities and the like, they have not been stopped.

The Minister of Housing praised the level of cooperation and coordination with the House of Representatives regarding a number of draft laws, especially with regard to the construction law.

During the meeting, the Minister of Housing answered a number of inquiries regarding the new building and planning requirements, as well as what was raised about the delay in resolving reconciliation requests in building violations.

While Eng. Ashraf Rashad, the leader of the parliamentary majority and Secretary-General of the Nation’s Future Party, stressed the importance of the new building requirements in controlling urban growth, saying: We will contribute to presenting and explaining these requirements to citizens in all governorates, and in this regard the Prime Minister thanked for this proposal , Stressing that this will contribute to educating citizens about the importance and necessity of applying these new building controls and requirements.

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