The Prime Minister: We appreciate Jordan’s position in support of Egypt and Sudan regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam


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The meetings of the 29th session of the Joint Egyptian-Jordanian Higher Committee were held at the headquarters of the Jordanian Council of Ministers, headed by the prime ministers of the two countries, Dr. Mustafa Madbouly and Dr. Beshr Al-Khasawneh, and in the presence of the delegations of the two countries, where the Egyptian ministers attended: Electricity, Renewable Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Resources, and Supply Internal trade, international cooperation, health and population, communications and information technology, housing, utilities and urban communities, transportation, civil aviation, agriculture and land reclamation, trade and industry, Egypt’s ambassador to Oman, the head of the Egyptian Drug Authority, the head of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones, and a number of officials And representatives of stakeholders.

From the Jordanian side, ministers attended: Industry, Trade and Supply, Water and Irrigation, Planning and International Cooperation, Public Works and Housing, Transport, Tourism and Antiquities, the State for Prime Minister Affairs, Agriculture, Energy and Mineral Resources, Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, the Interior in charge of the Minister of Health, and Jordan’s Ambassador to Cairo, and a number of officials and representatives of the concerned authorities.

Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, began his speech by conveying the greetings of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, President of the Republic, to the Jordanian monarch, King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein, and to the government of the Kingdom of Jordan, and the president’s wishes for continued stability, progress and prosperity for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and its brotherly people under the wise leadership of King Abdullah.

Dr. Mustafa Madbouly expressed his thanks, on his own behalf and on behalf of the accompanying delegation, to Dr. Bishr Al-Khasawneh, Prime Minister of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and the Jordanian ministers, for the warm welcome and hospitality accorded, and extended his congratulations to the Kingdom of Jordan. Leadership, government and people; On the occasion of the approach of the holy month of Ramadan, wishing that God return it to everyone with the right, good and blessings, and that humanity will soon enjoy safety from the Corona pandemic, and that humanity will overcome the economic and social problems this crisis caused, and the tragedies it has suffered due to the pandemic.

Dr. Mustafa Madbouly pointed to the ability of Egypt and Jordan to deal with the exceptional circumstances caused by the Corona pandemic, compared to other countries that have greater capabilities, which have had grave effects on all walks of life, stressing that this requires the parties to join efforts during the next phase to get out of this crisis. .

The Prime Minister praised the regular holding of the meetings of the Joint Egyptian-Jordanian Higher Committee, describing the committee as one of the most regular of the joint committees, and this is a reflection of the specificity of the Egyptian-Jordanian relations.

He stressed the importance of working in a joint and coordinated manner to find political solutions and settlements for various issues, stressing in this regard that the Palestinian issue is the central issue for the two countries, and clarified that the two countries are working together to push efforts to settle it in accordance with the agreed international references, and on the basis of the principle of a two-state solution, in a manner conducive to To the establishment of an independent, sovereign Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Dr. Mustafa Madbouly praised the care that Egyptian citizens working in Jordan receive from the Jordanian government under the directives of the Jordanian monarch in this regard, referring to their effective contributions in various fields of work in the economic and productive activity in the Kingdom, stressing that what they represent is a positive element in relations. Between the two countries, it contributes to achieving common and mutual interests.

In the framework of cooperation and mutual support between the two countries, Dr. Mustafa Madbouly confirmed that he has direct directives from President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, to send a full message of support to the brothers in Jordan, especially with regard to the Corona pandemic, and to meet the requests of the Jordanian side in line with Egypt’s capabilities.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Dr. Mustafa Madbouly stressed the importance of working to increase the volume of trade exchange and expand it to include new items and encourage mutual investments, stressing the need for continued communication and coordination. To address and eliminate any difficulties that may face the trade exchange process.

Dr. Madbouly thanked Jordan for its understanding and support for the Egyptian and Sudanese position regarding the Renaissance Dam file, stressing Egypt’s endeavor to solve the issue by diplomatic means.

The Prime Minister expressed his hope that the tripartite cooperation meetings between Egypt, Jordan and Iraq, to ​​be held tomorrow, would reach agreements to be translated on the ground in the near future, especially in the field of energy and trade exchange.

For his part, the Jordanian Prime Minister thanked Dr. Mustafa Madbouly and the accompanying delegation participating in the meetings of the Joint Supreme Committee, indicating that this session is a translation of the strategic relations that bind the two countries, beginning with the relations between President Sisi and his brother King Abdullah, and withdraws to officials, and extends To include the distinguished relations between Egyptian citizens and their Jordanian brothers.

Dr. Bishr Al-Khasawneh emphasized that the visions of the two countries agreed and were identical on the importance of continuing work on resolving the Palestinian issue that preoccupies the two countries, on the basis of the two-state solution and the establishment of a Palestinian state that has full sovereignty over the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

The Jordanian Prime Minister indicated that the tripartite cooperation mechanism between Egypt, Jordan and Iraq began some time ago, and witnessed many tripartite reciprocal visits to establish principles of economic and commercial integration, especially in the field of energy and electricity, in parallel and intersecting with the joint committees and bilateral tracks.

He reviewed the meetings that the parties had witnessed during the last period, especially the summit hosted in Amman in August 2020, and the contacts that had taken place since the summit, including the ministerial meetings hosted in Cairo in December 2020, which paved the way for holding a tripartite summit in the near future to strengthen this cooperation.

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