The prosecution announces the results of the investigations into the accident of the girl through Al Jalalah


Mohamed Farag

Posted on: Tuesday 30 March 2021 – 12:58 AM | Last update: Tuesday 30 March 2021 – 12:58 AM

The Public Prosecution announced that the investigations into the collision of a girl’s car traveling in reverse at an insane speed with a transport vehicle on Al-Jalalah Road ended with the deceased car’s driver being responsible for the accident, which “may constitute criminal offenses against her.”

The prosecution stated that the outcome of these crimes is the end of the criminal case with the death of the girl, and that researching the extent of her willingness to commit suicide or not is a matter that does not affect the criminal crime under investigation, but rather affects the prohibitions of private life that have no connection with the criminal incident. It is not permissible to go into it and circulate the material about it among the general public, which may constitute a crime punishable by law.

The prosecution stated that it had received a notification of the accident on the evening of the twenty-seventh of this month, and investigations into it – to date – have resulted in the attempt of the transport vehicle driver to avoid colliding with the angel car, which was surprised by its heading towards him in the opposite direction at high speed, but it did not succeed and the car collided with it, which led to its charring. The body of its driver was completely charred, and a fire broke out in the cab and tires of the transport vehicle, injuring its driver, and a concrete barrier was broken on the road.

The prosecution called on all not to prejudice the prohibitions of private life, and to stop circulating these interpretations and analyzes to prevent the rights and feelings of the deceased’s relatives and feelings, and to avoid them without need or support.

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