The Prosecutor: The “transport” driver was surprised that the girl of “Al-Jalalah” was heading in the opposite direction at a breakneck speed


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The Public Prosecution warned, in an official statement Tuesday, against going into special prohibitions that are not related to the investigations of the Al-Jalalah Road accident.

The prosecution said that social media circulated a clip to film the incident of driving (my angel’s car) at high speed in the opposite direction on Al-Jalalah Road until it collided with a force (a transport vehicle). Concurrently, the Public Prosecution received a notification of the accident on the evening of March 27, and investigations reached – To date – to the attempt of the transport driver to avoid colliding with the angel car, which was surprised that it headed towards him in the opposite direction at high speed, but did not succeed and collided with the car, which led to it being completely charred and the body of its driver, and a fire broke out in the transport cabin and tires, the driver was injured, and a break in the concrete barrier on the road .

The “Monitoring and Analysis Unit in the Statement Department at the Attorney General’s Office” revealed a wide interaction with the video clip of the incident circulating on social media, and some of the participants in these sites referred the causes of the accident to the driver’s suicide.

In light of these sent opinions, the “Public Prosecution” confirms that the investigations into the incident, and if it ends with the responsibility of the deceased for the accident that may constitute criminal offenses against her, then the outcome of the criminal case is the end of the criminal case with the death of the aforementioned, and that researching the extent of her willingness to commit suicide or not is a matter of no It affects the criminal crime under investigation, rather it affects the prohibitions of private life that have no connection to the criminal incident, and therefore it is not permissible to engage in it and circulate the material about it among the general public, which may constitute a crime punishable by law.

The Public Prosecution called upon all not to violate the prohibitions of private life, and to stop circulating these interpretations and analyzes to prevent the rights and feelings of the deceased’s relatives and feelings, and to avoid them without need or support.

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