The Public Prosecution orders the imprisonment of those accused of kidnapping a child from Abu Al-Rish Hospital


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The Public Prosecution ordered the detention of two persons accused of kidnapping a child from Abu Al-Rish Hospital, after hearing the testimony of the mother of the infant who was kidnapped from her on March 21, after she was taken to Abu Al-Rish Children’s Hospital for treatment. Photocopying her identity card, so she turned to that and then came back to discover that the child had kidnapped her.

The Public Prosecution requested police investigations about the incident, which resulted in the accusation being committed by the accused and her husband. Because of her desire to raise a child due to her inability to conceive.

While the accused denied the accusation attributed to him, claiming that the defendant brought the child to him and understood him to be the son of her sister to be raised, and that, based on her wish, he posted publications on social media that included the allegation that the kidnapped child was attributed to him to justify his presence with them.

The Public Prosecution ordered the two defendants to be held for four days in custody pending investigations, and their completion is underway.

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