The reason for her requesting a divorce on the first day of marriage, and her real name … Stories of Amy S.


09:00 AM

Wednesday 31 March 2021

I wrote – Yasmine El-Sharkawy:

Actress Amy Samir Ghanem celebrates her birthday today, March 31, and is considered one of the most famous actresses. Rumors.

“Masrawy” reviews, in the following lines, the most prominent stories and rumors in the life of Amy Samir Ghanem, coinciding with this occasion:

– Her real name is “Amal”, and she began her artistic career on stage with the show “Wlad Al Latinah” with artists Mahmoud El-Gendy and Mohamed Metwally in 2008.

– After that, she participated in the play “Tralm Lamm” with her father, the artist Samir Ghanem, and then participated in successful films such as (X-Large, Bulbul Hayran, Marital Cheats), and others.

– Amy participated with her husband, Hassan Al-Raddad, in a number of works before and after their marriage, most notably: “The Women Alley movie, Haq Mait series, the radio series Sika Band, the film Ashan Khareef, the Azmi and Ashgan series.”

Hassan Al-Raddad said that Amy Samir Ghanem asked him for a divorce on their first day of marriage, while they were traveling by plane to spend their honeymoon, out of her feeling of insecurity, in the “My Spiritual Twin” program.

– On the “Sahranin” program, Amy spoke with the artist Amir Karara about the jealousy in her life with her husband Hassan Al-Raddad, explaining that she does not have the password for his accounts on the communication sites, and she does not think about obtaining it because she does not want problems, saying: “I will buy my dignity.” And, about Hassan Al-Raddad’s jealousy, she said: “I am a character. He deals with me as“ Hamada ”, and he trusts me very much.

– Amy spoke about her friends, confirming that she prefers to befriend adults: “I always have the one who is older than me: of them, Nabila Obeid, Raja Al-Jeddawi, Hajjah, Safaa, the wife of Al-Subki, Safia Al-Omari and Wafa Amer, explaining that she loves the artist Nadia Al-Jundi and wishes that they will have friendship.”

Amy chased after many rumors, most notably her rare disease, her separation from Hassan Al-Raddad, her wearing of the veil and her retirement from art.


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