The reason for his divorce and his position on her accusations against him .. Mohamed Rashad responds to the worst


07:13 PM

Wednesday 31 March 2021

I wrote – Yasmine El-Sharkawy:

Artist Mohamed Rashad answered a number of questions related to his relationship with his wife, broadcaster Mai Helmy, which his fans asked him through his Instagram account.

Rashad received a question about how to divorce his wife without her knowledge, and said: “Even though I do not love to talk about this issue purely because it is very special, but is this a natural speech, I mean, and it is possible for a sane person to believe it. Our Lord guides everyone.”

In response to a question whether his intention was to respond to the insinuations that his ex-wife and her accusations mentioned to him, he said: “I respect the ten for the last time and I will not come down to the level that I vaccinate and I want to impregnate and accuse someone who was in my life in response to this is a personal matter, and our Lord knows the hidden and intentions.

One of his followers asked him to reveal details of an event between him and Mai Hilmi so that it would not be unfair in the eyes of his fans, to answer: “I reprimanded those who were wronged and who didn’t place an unjust who was between me and the people. My work is not my personal life. The page turned around with the sweetness and the beast in it. “

Rashad also received another question about how he divorced Mai Hilmi after the love story that brought them together, especially since she keeps their pictures through her accounts on social networking sites. Or any reason like what I preserved in my first profile, I preserve his image in front of people after ten, it was between us, even if I saw it one day sweet, I kept the sweet.

Mohamed Rashad separated from Mai Helmy last August, and they exchanged a number of negative statements against each other.


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