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Tuesday 30th March 2021

I wrote – Bahira Fouda:

Today marks the anniversary of the death of the nightingale Asmar Abdel Halim Hafez, 44, as he departed from our world on this day, March 30, 1977.

In this report, we present to you the stories of the Nightingale:

The shock of the musician Mohamed Al-Moji at the death of Nightingale

A strong friendship between the Nightingale Asmar Abdel Halim Hafez and the great musician Mohamed Al-Moji. This friendship extended since their artistic beginnings, which began in the early 1950s.

The musician, Yahya Al-Moji, son of the late musician, said in a special statement to Masrawy that his father considered Abdel-Halim “his twin soul.”

He continued: “After my father presented to the radio as a singer, he was approved as a composer and not as a singer, and he considered that Abdel Halim is his voice that he sings with.”

He added, “The friendship between them was strong, and each of them was jealous of the other, and in every problem that occurred between them, my father discovered a new singer, and the matter raised Abdul Halim’s jealousy at the time.”

And he continued: “When they came to reconcile, he said everything that happened between us, you will be a new singer, and this is what he did when Muharram Fouad, Abdul Latif Al-Talbani, Maher Al-Attar, Kamal Hosni and Hani Shaker came out.”

As for the Nightingale’s songs closest to his heart, he said: “He used to love them all. He considers the Nightingale as an artist that does not repeat, and his voice expresses all his feelings. Abdel Halim’s death is considered one of the worst things that have happened in my father’s life. When he learned of his death, he kept screaming while repeating one of the My children are dead. “

He concluded his speech: “Baba came back home and his eyes were swirling with the color of blood from the cuttings of the Baka, and Morsi spoke to Jamil Aziz on the phone and told him the news, while he was crying in a burning voice and his voice was as if he were screaming, and he said that one of my children had died.”

The scene of Emad Hamdi beating Halim in the movie “Sins”

In a rare interview by Emad Hamdi with the radio station Wajdi al-Hakim, during which he talked about the movie “Sins”, and narrated a position that he collected with Nightingale Abdel Halim Hafez, confirming that the scene of his beating of the latter was not easy, and he said: “I should have hit him with a pen and of course Abdel Halim is like my son exactly. It is not possible that there is no heart. At the time, Abdel Halim Qali, strike as you did not want. Indeed, I hit him and the pen, which brought about a disaster of people. Abdel Halim Mahboub especially hated me from the fairer sex, “adding:” I returned this pen 11 times. “

Hani Shaker and his dispute with Nightingale

Artist Hani Shaker talked about his relationship with Nightingale Abdel Halim Hafez, during his meeting with the program “Last Word”, presented by the media to Mays Al-Hadidi, confirming that it is his artistic home, and about the disagreement that occurred when he sang the song “With Hugs”, Hani Shaker denied his relationship with the matter, saying : “There were rumors that there was a disagreement between me and Abdel Halim. I really did not want it to happen. At that time it was said that Abdel Halim got upset with Al-Mogi.”

He added: “I was very upset with what happened, and first when I saw Abdel Halim, I told him it is not possible to say what was said on the press. This is what I was saying. You are in Al-Nabali, a fourth pyramid, and without you I wouldn’t have sung you a great value and it is impossible to tell you something that is not sweet.

And he continued: “My eyes raged while I spoke, because it is my artistic home when I was young. I said to him, I am impossible to fight you, and I always have him in my concerts.”

His rejection of a liver transplant

Muhammad Shabana, the son of Al-Nightingale Al Asmar’s brother, said in previous statements to Masrawy: “Indeed, Uncle Halim refused the idea of ​​performing a liver transplant for fear of the effect of the operation, which is forgetting.

And Shabana explained, “He used to say, Lord, I cannot forget and I do not want to live while I forget, and I cannot practice my work and forget something. Oh Lord, my wind, and our Lord responded to him and he passed away.”

Producer Mary Queenie refuses to assign him a role

A shock he received during the beginnings of his artistic career, when producer Mary Queenie refused to assign him a role in one of her films, considering that his face was not cinematic, and when he became famous, she offered him to produce for him, but he refused.


In 1956, he suffered the first hemorrhage, and the real pain journey began in the life of the young man who thought that the world had opened its doors wide to draw from its bounties, but fate was hiding for him the aggravation of schistosomiasis.

Diddy Love Story

Halim loved a girl named “Didi”. He said that he was born in her blue eyes, which he had never seen before, and that their love story lasted five years in one of the statements, but the end was written of her departure from this world, after suffering a serious illness. He called her in his diary “Layla” Wajdi al-Hakim, the journalist, said that her name is “Didi,” and the love story of Halim and that girl is surrounded by mystery until now.

A radio series, “The Nightingale”, wished to be turned into a movie

“Nightingale Al Asmar”, Abdel Halim Hafez, only presented one radio series over the course of his artistic career, which is the series “Please Don’t Get Me Quick”, with leader Adel Imam, actress Naglaa Fathi, artist Samir Sabry, artist Imad Hamdi and Majida Al-Khatib, written by writer Mahmoud Awad and directed by Mohamed Alwan.

The series, which was presented on Atheer Middle East Radio in Ramadan 1973, achieved great success at the time of its broadcast, as it was the first radio work of Abdel Halim, in which he embodied the character of Sami Saleh, but it was not broadcasted due to the glorious October war.

Halim’s admiration for the story at the time made him a condition in his contract with the radio that he preserves the right to produce the story cinematically, to present it on the cinema screen later, according to Akhbar Al-Youm newspaper in its issue in 1976, but the disease did not help Abdel Halim to complete his list of cinematic works and include this film to her, as he passed away On March 30, 1977.

Suffering from disease

Abdel Halim Hafez lived a miserable life because of the disease that exhausted his lean body, and Halim’s artistic career was disrupted more than once due to the surgeries he performed, which reached more than 60 operations.

The suffering of the Asmar Nightingale reached its peak in the beginning of 1977, who died in his first third. Halim left Cairo on January 9 to start a medical trip, and it was assumed that the travel was for medical checks to be reassured, but he contracted the disease “jaundice” so that the doctors had to give him Cortisone drug in large quantities to eliminate the disease.

Halim wanted to return to Cairo quickly so that he could conduct rehearsals for the song “Without Leyah” composed for him by Morsi Jamil Aziz and written by Morsi Jamil Aziz, and he intended to sing it for the first time at the Sham El Nessim concert. Indeed, he reserved a seat on the plane, but the doctor told him that he had to stay For some time in the hospital.


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