The Renaissance Dam is a big problem for us financially and politically


The Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, announced today, Tuesday, that the Renaissance Dam is a big problem for Ethiopia financially, politically and diplomatically.

In a hearing before the Ethiopian Parliament, Abiy Ahmed said, “Any delay in filling the Renaissance Dam will cause a loss, and the filling will not affect the downstream countries. “

Abi Ahmed added that “Ethiopia has absolutely no desire to harm Egypt or Sudan. But it does not want to live in the dark.”

“Ethiopias purpose in building the dam is to generate electricity only, and it does not aim to harm the interests of Egypt and Sudan,” Abiy Ahmed said.

He continued, “We will continue building our dam without any harm to both countries.”

And he added, “Through dialogue and understanding, solutions can be found for all the discrepancies between the source and the downstream countries.”

Regarding the border crisis with Sudan, the Ethiopian Prime Minister said:Sudan is a brother country, and we will solve the disputes over borders in Hawa. “

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