The result of the match between Tottenham and Aston Villa today in the Premier League is the victory of the Spurs


Tottenham and Aston Villa meet in the eighteenth round of the English Premier League at Anoeta Stadium. Tottenham are looking for compensation for the recent disastrous exit from Dynamo Zagreb and the victory in this postponed confrontation at the expense of Aston Villa in order to be able to restore prestige again, even if in a way. Local, so can he win at the expense of the Fellans who present an exceptional season this year, and the team also seeks to win at the expense of Tottenham Hotspur.

The Spurs left the round of 16 in the European League, the last match at the hands of the Croatian team, Dynamo Zagreb, with three goals without a response in the second leg between them, and the result of the first-leg match was on the floor of Tottenham. Focus in the league that is not in front of him now after his exit from the European League, and he aspires with high concentration to enter the golden square to reserve a seat in the next edition and make up for what happened this season.

On the other hand, Aston Villa is tied against Newcastle with a goal in the last round of the league so that it is in ninth place with 41 points, while Tottenham comes in eighth place ahead of it by four points and has 45 points, so today it is taking advantage of the ground factor to achieve that victory to raise its balance And improve his position in the league.

The result of the match between Tottenham and Aston Villa

Tottenham won with two goals without response.

  • The match: Tottenham v Aston Villa.
  • Competition: Premier League.
  • When: 10:30 pm, Mecca time.
  • The carrier channel: BN Sport 2 Premium.
  • Stadium: Anoeta.
  • Commentary: Naufal Bashi.

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