The return of the man who ached in the hearts of the past … Muhammad Mohi, see the clip “Mabqitsh Shabhi”


After a great absence the artist was brought up “Muhammad Mohi” His latest video clip, called “Mapekic Shabihi,” was made on the popular video site, YouTube.

The idea of ​​the clip revolves around betrayal and treachery after a love story, through which he lived in happy moments, except that he begins a dialogue with himself after the transformation and change that occurred to him from the impact of that failed love and treachery of his business manager for his communication with his sweetheart, as well as the treachery of the private producer With him and the termination of the contract after being affected and not paying attention to his work as a singer, his loyal friend, who in turn worked the artist Muhammad Jumaa, was able to motivate him and return again for the sake of singing, and he finds himself selling the precious one with ease and sees love as a tale of torment.

The filming was prepared and prepared for some time with the director, “Nabil Makkawi,” where an idea that reveals the meaning and meaning of the song’s lyrics was settled.

The artist “Mohamed Jumaa”, the composer “Median”, the poet “Mustafa Morsi” and the music distributor “Bayram” participated in the filming … and the clip “Mapekic Shabihi” from the words of “Mustafa Morsi”, produced by “Ramadan Hosni” and composed by “Madian”. And from the distribution of “Perm” music and from the distribution of “digital sound” .. It has now been released on YouTube and in all electronic stores, through radio stations, and on the screen of the “Mazzika” channel.


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