The Russian movie “Nobody” is being shown in Saudi Arabia and the Emirates



Scene from the movie “Nobody”

“Nobody”, directed by Russian director Ilya Naishaller, is being shown in Russia, the CIS countries, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Knowing that the film’s box office revenues in the United States during the two holidays last week amounted to $ 6.7 million.

It will start showing in April as well in Australia and New Zealand, and then it will continue to be shown in European countries after the opening of cinemas that were closed due to the outbreak of the third wave of “Covid-19”.

The director did not rule out the possibility of shooting a second part of the film as long as it is popular in many countries of the world.

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For the first time: a movie by a Russian director that is at the box office of American cinemas

The director said that his film received 80% of positive feedback from Russian and American film critics and 95% of excellent reviews from viewers and Internet users.

It is noteworthy that the film tells the story of a criminal man who was previously a contract killer and was forced to take revenge on other criminals who attacked his home and his family.

The well-known American actor, Bob Odenark, plays the main role in the film, and some Russian actors also participate in it.

It is worth noting that filming the film ended last year and was supposed to be shown in 2020. However, the spread of Corona virus has postponed screening of the film to 2021.

Source: TASS


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