The second filling of the Renaissance Dam will not be completed .. Ahmed Musa is excited in the air


The media, Ahmed Moussa, was excited on the air because of Ethiopias positions that provoke the Egyptians and Ethiopians, explaining that Ethiopia confirms its continuation of the second filling of the dam.

Ahmed Moussa added, while presenting the “On My Responsibility” program broadcast on the “Sada Al Balad” channel, that the second filling of the dam will not take place, but in the event of a filling, many problems will occur, because water is life.

Moussa revealed that the world will not bear what will result from Ethiopias intransigence, explaining that if Ethiopia does the second filling and there are problems, there will be migration.

He added that Egypt has not had immigration during the recent period, but if anyone is harmed, there will be no control.

Ahmed Moussa pointed out that water is a life for citizens, and therefore Europe must intervene to solve this problem.

He pointed out that Egypt succeeded in protecting Europe from illegal immigration from 2016, and Egypt prevented hundreds of thousands of immigration.

Moussa asked: What did Europe and America offer to Egypt and Sudan in the Renaissance Dam crisis, and where is the international community entitled to Egypt and Sudan?

He added that the world has now become interests, and everyone knows this, and that Egypt is looking for the life of its people.

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