The “secret” marriage crisis between Prince Harry and Megan: Will the Archbishop of Canterbury step down?


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British broadcaster Pierce Morgan has stepped down from his role on Good Morning Britain, after he refused to apologize for his comments about Princess Megan Markle, indicating in a sarcastic tone that the Archbishop of Canterbury may face the same dilemma as he either apologizes to Megan or loses his job.

Pierce Morgan joked that the archbishop should apologize to Megan after he confirmed that she had not married Prince Harry in secret days before their wedding ceremony was televised.

Megan revealed during her “resounding” dialogue with the American broadcaster Oprah Winfrey that she and Prince Harry secretly exchanged vows to marry, which raised many questions about the reason for the ceremony that took place in 2018 and cost several million pounds (sterling) as long as they were already married, according to a report by the newspaper “The Mirror »British today, Wednesday.

The report quoted Pastor Justin Wolby asserting that no official documents were signed, saying: “The legal marriage was on a Saturday. I signed the marriage certificate, which is a legal document, but if I signed it knowing it was forged, it means that I have committed a serious criminal offense.” . The report stated that the British broadcaster Pearce confirmed that he did not believe Megan about her psychological suffering and the suicidal thoughts that she had while she was among the royal family, and then made a sarcastic remark on his Twitter account when he said that the Archbishop of Canterbury should apologize for not failing. Believing Megan Markle’s allegations of her secret marriage or losing his job.

In his interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, Rev. Welby assured that he would not say more about the discussions that took place between him and Megan and her husband, Prince Harry, saying: “If one of you speaks with a priest, he expects that your words with him will remain a secret.” He added, “It does not matter to whom I say, I participated in several private and pastoral meetings with the Duke and Duchess before marriage.”

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