The secret of Mohamed Mounir’s crying in front of Youssef Shaheen, because of “Your voice spoke highly of us” … Video


King Muhammad Mounir revealed, during his meeting with the superstar Esaad Younes, on the “Your Excellency” program, broadcast on the TV channel dmcThe story of the work of the song “Make Your Voice Belong” from the Al-Fateh Film.

Muhammad Munir said: “Youssef Shaheen and Kamal al-Tawil, I did not like them to sing, and everything that is rich I hear is wrong and I cannot object to them and I do not suffocate with them. The song is in 5 minutes, I am known in the middle of studios and sound engineers. I am faster and split singer, because I study. “

Mounir added: “I love the character of Marwan, whom I presented in the film Al-Masir, because the character was close to me and to my character, and he was with my late lover Nour Al-Sharif and my friend Mahmoud Hamida and Safia Al-Omari, may God have health hands.”


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