The Suez Canal announces the diversion of navigation to the old course after a ship stranded


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The Suez Canal Authority in Egypt amended the ship transit system, after a container ship ran aground and blocked the new course, according to Reuters.

“Reuters” quoted two major sources in the navigation sector as saying that “the Suez Canal Authority in Egypt decided to amend the ship transit system today, Wednesday, to turn in both directions in the old canal after a container ship ran aground in the new channel due to bad weather.”

The two sources added that “the ship’s floatation work began this morning after it ran aground last night.”

And led to the delinquency of a huge container ship in the Suez Canal to stop navigation in the canal, at dawn today, Wednesday, while the attempts to float the ship by the Suez Canal Authority were unsuccessful.

And international media reported that a huge container ship ran aground in the Suez Canal, which led to traffic jams at both ends of the canal.

The media indicated that the runaway ship called Evergiven weighs 220 thousand tons and is 400 meters long, and is owned by the Taiwanese shipping company (Evergreen), registered in Panama, and was bound for the port of Rotterdam in China.

Local media reported, citing sources in the Suez Canal Authority, that the authority intervened to re-float the giant container ship through nearly eight locomotives, with a tensile strength of 50 to 160 tons per locomotive.

The sources stated that in the event of failure of the floatation attempts, the Suez Canal will resort to the help of ships to lighten the ship’s load.

There was no statement from the Suez Canal Authority on the incident until Wednesday morning.

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